Investment Management

Managing your investment portfolio can be a full-time operation. The demand on your time to handle such an undertaking can compromise other responsibilities, obligations or desires that require your time, attention and expertise.

Investing with purpose takes focus, experience and a full understanding of the sophisticated market landscape; all of which are within our capabilities.

You still play an integral role in the development of your portfolio. We will take the time to listen to your intentions, building an investment strategy and management game plan that fits you. We will provide ongoing monitoring, reporting and advice regarding all of your managed assets with us.

We do what we do best so you can confidently carry on with what you do best.

We will:

  • Help you determine your investment objectives, as well as your capacity and tolerance for risk
  • Analyze your entire net worth statement (assets to be managed by The Milestone Group, as well as assets outside our management)
  • Uniquely structure your portfolio to target and pursue your objectives
  • Monitor your portfolio’s performance and rebalance as necessary
  • Provide you with a quarterly report of your portfolio’s performance along with Milestone’s proprietary quarterly commentary
  • Adapt our advice and services to match your needs and goals