Our Approach

Our Philosophy

The Milestone Group believes discipline is at the heart of any successful strategy and your strategy for growing and protecting your wealth should be no different.

Your portfolio should be built on strategies intended to hold up against market extremes, ranging from powerful bull markets to severe bear markets.

By combining discipline with a philosophy of investment diversification and prudent risk management, we believe your portfolio is better positioned for potential long-term success. This is a time-tested approach built on a foundation of research established by finance professionals, academics and Nobel Prize-winning economists. And one we believe caters to your interests and goals.

At The Milestone Group, we strive to deliver the highest caliber financial advice along with personalized strategies for managing your wealth.

We believe our clients' positive investment experiences can be attributed to our proven, steadfast mindset.

Our Process

Your interests come first. In fact, everything we do at The Milestone Group is done purposefully with your portfolio in mind. Deliberate action backed by tried fundamentals and experience, all for your benefit. Which is why, when it comes to managing your wealth, we follow an established 5-step investment management process:

Step 1: Analyze Your Current Situation
Step 2: Design a Custom Portfolio for You
Step 3: Document Your Investment Strategy
Step 4: Implement Your Investment Strategy
Step 5: Monitor and Supervise Your Portfolio

This is all done hand-in-hand with your Milestone Group team. We walk you through each step of the process and welcome your input along the way. Your portfolio will be a collaboration of your personal goals and our professional expertise.